Liz Yezzi - Admistration & Discovery

  • Big Rings3:23
  • Giddy-Up3:01
  • Freedoelay Remix4:04
  • Forcing Love3:50
  • Valid3:24

Skrapp skrilla  - A&R

Of Skrillaville Promotions, Skrapp has a keen sense for finding raw talent and is able to play on strengths and improve weaknesses. 

supporting cast

Divine allah - road manager

media and press

Of WuTang Management, Divine is in charge of all credentials, press and media requests and special appearances for Paper Rock Records artists. 

upcoming events

​​​Jenna herche - manager

Of Cracked Chalice, Liz has come across her share of talent. Additionally, she handles  the company's logistics behind the scenes. 


PaperRock Records was founded by William"Spliff Star" Lewis, following his departure from the Flip Mode Squad. Spliff Star, quite possibly the greatest hype-man of all-time, has always had a way of enhancing entertainment and moving the crowd, most notably for Busta Rhymes. With over twenty years in the entertainment business, his career has afforded him countless opportunities, both domestic and abroad, and has given him unique insight into the music industry. With this knowledge,  he always felt compelled to start a label, Paper Rock Records was established as a platform for artists with visions to share their message.  The logo is Spliff Star's fingerprint and represents how hands on his approach is when tackling the day to day obstacles that come with building and branding a new artist,  as well as cultivating and maintaining established talent.  

Paper Rock Records is a self-contained label with twelve in-house producers and executives that focus on artist development and management as well as promotion and discovery.  With a focus placed in key markets in New York, Texas, California, Chicago, DC, New Jersey and the DMV area , as well as key demographics abroad, Paper Rock Live is set to take the World by storm. 

Since the inception of Paper Rock Records in 2007, the talent has been hand picked by Spliff personally. In addition, he has released new music himself, most recently, "Big Rings" featuring Busta Rhymes and Bugs Kalhune and his most recent release, "Chillin".  Spliff, proves to be very insightful, and has propelled the Paper Rock brand into acting and the big screen; most recently on the independent blockbuster, "Jamaican Mafia", "Where the Heart Lies", and "King of the Dance Hall". He is most recently featured in the "Girlfriend" video starring Busta Rhymes, Vybz Kartel and Tory Lanez. His single, "Mash Up", is now available everywhere; Food, his new album, will be available in late November. 

As one of the greatest hype-men to ever live, Spliff knows how to capture an audience and deliver a message.  He has surrounded himself with talent that embodies the music of today; each artist offers something unique. Additionally, Mr. Lewis has incorporated his partnership with JaJa Fredericks of Streets Most Famous Magazine and used that as one outlet for constant media exposure, both internet and print based.   

With an extensive background in administration and management coupled with 15 years in various facets of the industry, she is the point person for Spliff Star. 

PaperRock Records  has had the privilege of performing at the following  events:  

Summer Jam from 2010 to present, Hot 97 DJ Magic Car Show, Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, The Formation Tour featuring Beyonce, KOD World Cup Dance Finals, Wu-World Radio Launch Party, Cappadonna Album Release Party,  Revolt Music Conference 2015 and the LIHH Magazine Release Party. 

​PaperRock Records has had the privilege of performing at the following venues:  

New York: Club Pyramid, La Marina, Webster Hall, Playhouse, Milk River, Stage 48, Magnet Lounge, Traphouse, Cityscapes, Club Haus, Hypnosis, Club Love & Club Lust.

Miami: Club Ivy, Dream & Liv

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